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Actually Biden is his own worse enemy also - there is proof if it is ever justly used and not covered up - how Hunter shared his profits with his dad "the big guy" half and half. No collusion there, no corrupt thing when Biden provides political cover for his son "SOB they fired him" - the lawyer that was fired at Biden's demand, if they did not fire him they would not get billions of dollars from the US.

But then again why drum up the past.

After all the agenda is to continually attack Trump while covering up Hillary, Biden, and other criminals. So much for the Department of Justice (injustice by some of its leaders).

Ann Coulter said years ago something like "fairness to a liberal (I specify socialist liberal not traditional) is when they get their way." So much for justice but a great way to try to cover up their complicity.

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Anyway I just read the Daily Mail article about this image, and I have to say that clearly Hunter Biden's mistake was doing all of this under U.S. jurisdiction, rather than doing it abroad (where it may or may not be less illegal).

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In all fairness Hunter Biden's thirst-trap game is a lot better than yours at this point. Whatever happened to your Instagram?!?!?!?!?

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